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Through the use of poetry and theater we strive to equip our students with a range of transferable personal, social and artistic skills. We established the C.R.E.A.T. E. program to provide youth, especially under-served communities access to the arts.


At our core we are spoken word artists, and poetry has given us the freedom to explore our acting and play-writing skills. Performing arts are our passion and we feel it is our vehicle to live out our dreams and impact the world around us.

Community Activists

As advocates in the fight against sickle cell, ICS founded Dinner & Divas in 2004. This dinner theater experience represents their support toward finding a cure, and providing social services to those suffering with sickle cell.

Welcome. We’re Inner City South.

Ms. Dee-Lite and T-Remedi have performed spoken word around the country, displaying their high energy and thought provoking style for more than 12 years.

The husband and wife duo believe spoken word has the power to heal and unite our communities, by giving a voice to those that feel marginalized and forgotten. Inner City South hopes our poetry and productions can inspire and empower our peers and the next generation of spoken word artists.

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Motion Picture Performances where T-Remedi and Ms. Dee-Lite leave it all on stage!

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Southern Swagger

Southern Swagger

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Southern Swagger